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Tot & Recreational Programs

  • School year registration begins July 10th at 6:00am.

  • School year classes begin Tuesday, September 3rd.

 LaFleur's is using continuous enrollment and monthly billing for the school year September - Mid June.  Once you register there will be no need to re-register.  You will not be charged for the months of July & August.   If you want your child to continue gymnastics through summer, you will be able to sign them up separately for the Summer 6-week Session and/or our Summer Camps. Click here for more information on monthly billing.

New and returning students may join at any time as long as there is a vacancy in your desired class.  If a class is full, your name will be placed on a waitlist.  Tuition will be pro-rated relative to your start date and number of classes that meet within the month.  When registering for Tot & Rec Classes at LaFleur's please choose one day and one time to attend. If you would like to attend more than once a week, please register for multiple class days and times. If you have had previous gymnastics experience, call us to set up a skill evaluation. 


Fall Schedule coming soon

Recreational Class Description

Girls 5 years and up.  All Classes will have 3 rotations consisting of Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline/ Pit Stations. 


Ages 5 & up. No experience necessary. Beginning the basic building blocks for gymnastics. Students turning 5 during a semester should sign up for Tiny Tots.

Will use the following equipment to work on skills preparing them for Intermediate: 

-Trampolines & Pits

-Floor Stations (including basics)




60 minute class

Ratio 8:1


Ages 5 & up. Must pass from beginner or have an instructor recommendation. Will continue to build on the basics learned in the beginner class.  



60 minute class

Ratio 9:1

Advanced Intermediate

Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation.

In Advanced Intermediate they will begin working more back and front handsprings.


60 minute class

Ratio 10:1



Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Advanced Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation. 



90 minute class.

Ratio 10:1

Tot Class Descriptions
All Tot C
lasses will have 3 rotations consisting of Bars, Floor/ Trampoline & Pit Stations

Parent & Tot

Ages 1 - 3. Fun way to help develop gross motor skills and introduce gymnastics. Parent's help is required.
45 minute class.


Ratio 12 to 1.
Coed class.

Mini Stars

Ages 3 - 4 1/2. No experience needed.  This class has a strong emphasis on gross motor skills, following directions and an introduction to gymnastics.

45 minute class.

5 to 1 ratio. ​

Coed class.

Tiny Tot

Ages 4 1/2 - 5 1/2. Little to no experience needed. This class adds more gymnastic skills to the curriculum.
45 minute class.


6 to 1 ratio.
Coed class.

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