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Tot & Recreational Programs

 LaFleur's is using continuous enrollment and monthly billing for the school year September - Mid June, to make y0ur life easier.  Once you register, you.  There will be no need to re-register (You will not be charged for the months of July & August).  You will be notified by LaFleur's when it’s time to advance to the next level and then register for the new level at that time.  If you are on a waiting list for a new level, you can keep your child's spot in your current class and the instructors will keep your child progressing.  If you want your child to continue gymnastics through summer, you will need sign them up separately for the Summer 6-week Session and/or our Summer Camps.

New and returning students may join at any time as long as there is a vacancy in your desired class.  If a class is full, your name will be placed on a waiting list.  Tuition will be pro-rated relative to your start date. 

When registering for Tot & Rec Classes at LaFleur's please choose one day and on time to attend. If you would like to attend more than once a week, please register for multiple class days and times. If you have had previous gymnastics experience, call us to set up a skill test. 

Recreational Class Description

Girls 5 years and up.  All Classes will have 3 rotations consisting of Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline/ Pit Stations. 


Ages 5 & up. No experience necessary. Beginning the basic building blocks for gymnastics. Students turning 5 during a semester should sign up for Tiny Tots.

Will use the following equipment to work on skills preparing them for Intermediate: 

-Trampolines & Pits

-Floor Stations (including basics)




60 minute class

Ratio 8:1


Ages 5 & up. Must pass from beginner or have an instructor recommendation. Will continue to build on the basics learned in the beginner class.  



60 minute class

Ratio 9:1

Advanced Intermediate

Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation.

In Advanced Intermediate they will begin working more back and front handsprings.


60 minute class

Ratio 10:1



Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Advanced Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation. 



90 minute class.

Ratio 10:1

Tot Class Descriptions
All Tot C
lasses will have 3 rotations consisting of Bars, Floor/ Trampoline & Pit Stations

Parent & Tot

Ages 1 - 3. Fun way to help develop gross motor skills and introduce gymnastics. Parent's help is required.
45 minute class.


Ratio 10 to 1.
Coed class.

Mini Stars

Ages 3 - 4 1/2. No experience needed.  This class has a strong emphasis on gross motor skills, following directions and an introduction to gymnastics.

45 minute class.

5 to 1 ratio. ​

Coed class.

Tiny Tot

Ages 4 1/2 - 5 1/2. Little to no experience needed. This class adds more gymnastic skills to the curriculum.
45 minute class.


6 to 1 ratio.
Coed class.

What you need to know


Monthly tuition is based on how many times a class meets in a month.  Holidays are prorated into each monthly tuition rate.  These include: The week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, Saturday of Easter Weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, & Thanksgiving (Th/Fr).  If there are 4 Mondays in a month you pay for 4 classes, if there are 3 classes you pay for 3.
Please register early to ensure your choice of class times. Registrations are taken on a first-come basis. We will notify you if there is a problem.
We require full payment at the time of registration.  Payment will automatically be deducted on the 16th of each month for the upcoming month. No stressful registrations! 
Notice must be made by the 15
th of the month to cancel effective the 1st of next month. Please email:
We do not give refunds or credits for missed or dropped classes after the 19th of the month prior (we require a 15 day notice, to let someone else fill the spot.)


  • 2nd class discount: Same child, 2nd class 20% off

  • 2nd child discount: Same family, every child after the first $10 off

*These discounts apply to our Gymnastics classes only, not to our LG Ninja Program

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