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LaFleur's Competitive Program

Central to our approach to gymnastics is our belief that the journey is the most important goal, not the destination or the result from any competition. At LaFleur's, we strive to provide every athlete with a chance to succeed through the development of long-term life skills such as confidence, perseverance, a love of exercise and sense of accomplishment. We believe very strongly in sportsmanship, respect for others, self respect and the development of a strong work ethic.

  • Girl's LEVEL 1 & 3 TEAM TRYOUTS December 2024.

  • XCEL TEAM TRYOUTS MAY 18TH, 2024 @ 12:00pm. Sign up through the portal-cost is free!


Girl's USAG Developmental Program
LaFleur's Competitive Team

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Girl's USAG Xcel Program
LaFleur's Competitive Team

LaFleur's offers the Developmental Program:

Pre-team (Level 1) and Level 3 through elite


What’s involved with DP team? At Level 3, we begin training routines for competitive gymnastics. We also focus a great deal on strength and flexibility. Our structured practices are designed for developing
and perfecting each gymnastic skill. We try to keep things fun, while instilling a life-long love for the sport and competition.  As they are skill ready, they will move up in levels.  Level 3's workout 6 - 9 hours a week and workout hours are increased with each level.
Level 1 Pre-team: We prepare the girls for our competitive program. They begin working on Level 3 skills while developing the strength and flexibility necessary for more difficult skills. This is an excellent base for the next year's Level 3 tryouts. Usually practice 2 days/week; 2-4 hours/week.
Meets: Level 3 - 5, the meet season runs from September through early December.  Level, the 6 - 10 meet season is January through early May.   June, we regroup our teams to better prepare for the Fall. At that time, the hours may be increased. 

Tryouts for level 1 - 3 are every December. An exact date will be posted on the website. To tryout for level 4 & up please contact us for individual evaluations.

For more information email us:

 LaFleur's offers the Xcel program for levels Silver through Diamond.  As the athletes move up through the levels the time commitment does not increase in hours per week.  


What are we looking for?

What’s involved with Xcel team? The meet season runs from January through early April. Our Xcel team travels to other gyms in the Milwaukee Metro Area, with State Championships in March and Regional Championships, within the Midwest Region of the United States, in April.  We try to keep things fun, while instilling a life-long love for the sport and competition.

Tryouts for Xcel Team are every May. An exact date will be posted on the website. 

For more information email us:

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