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We are excited to


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LaFleur's Gymnastics is now offering a Ninja Program

The LG Ninja Program is inspired by gymnastics and obstacle training.  All Ninjas will participate in a warm-up, following by tumbling & tramp training, obstacle courses and strength stations.  A fun way to train agility, balance, strength and coordination.  A great lead up or additional training for all sports!

Classes will be divided by age to ensure the class is geared towards appropriate sizes and ability.  

  • Little Ninjas:  5 yrs. - 7 yrs.

  • Mighty Ninjas:  7 yrs. - 9 yrs.

  • Master Ninjas:  9 yrs. - 12 yrs.

*Classes are coed.

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Top reasons to sign your child up for LG Ninja...

  • LG Ninja will help your child increase their strength.

  • LG Ninja will improve your child's body control, agility & balance.

  • LG Ninja will teach your child how to fall and help protect them from injuries later in life.

  • LG Ninja will set them up for success in other sports.

  • Sign up because it's FUN!

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Our LG Ninja Program runs from month to month rather than by session. When you sign up for a Ninja Class your first month’s tuition will be due immediately to reserve your spot. Going forward, you can enroll at any time, and your classes will be prorated based on your start date.

Once enrolled, your spot will be yours until you request to drop. Monthly tuition will be due on the 22nd day of the preceding month (example: tuition for March will be auto-debited on February 22nd). Declined payment (expired card, etc.) must be remedied on or before the 25th day of the month or you will automatically be dropped from the class for the upcoming month and your spot will be opened and possibly filled by a waitlisted student.

You can request to drop at any time, but once you are charged for the month, there will be no refunds, your spot is yours for the entire month and you will be dropped for the following month.

Tuition is paid monthly year-round.  You are only charged for the number of classes that we have scheduled for each month…this could be 3, 4, or 5 times during the month.




Must be submitted by email. 

Please include students name, class day and time & any feedback and we will un-enroll you for the following month. We do not credit or refund for past missed classes. Please un-enroll before the 20th to avoid payment for the following month.




MAKING UP CLASSES is allowed once per month. The make-up class needs to be scheduled at the front desk and the child will only be allowed to make up in a class that is the same level of their current class as long as there is availability in the class. The make-up class must be within 4 weeks of the missed class.  There will be no making up missed make up classes. 

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