Tot & Recreational Semesters

Let’s Have Some Fun!


  • SPRING SESSION: APRIL 18TH, 2022 - JUNE 4TH, 2022   (7 WEEKS)

  • SUMMER SESSION: JUNE 20TH, 2022 - AUGUST 4TH, 2022 (7 WEEKS)



Winter Registration Opens Tuesday, November 9th! 

Email us at for registration assistance or class registration questions. 

Recreational Class Descriptions
All Recreational Classes will use bars, beam, floor and trampoline/ pit stations. 


Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Advanced Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation.



90 minute class.

Ratio 9:1

Tramp, Tumble & Strength

Ages 6 & up. This class focuses on tumbling skills on floor and tramp. Also, on developing overall strength to help in any sport development.


60 minute class

Ratio 10:1

Coed Class​

Cheer Tumble

Ages 10 & up. This class is tumbling only and focuses on tumbling skills used frequently used in cheer leading.



60 minute class

Ratio 10:1 ​


Ages 5 & up. No experience necessary. Beginning the basic building blocks for gymnastics. Students turning 5 during a semester should sign up for Tiny Tots.


60 minute class

Ratio 8:1


Ages 5 & up. Must pass from beginner or have an instructor recommendation.


60 minute class

Ratio 9:1

Advanced Intermediate

Ages 6 & up. Must pass from Intermediate or have an instructor recommendation.





90 minute class

Ratio 9:1


Tot Class Descriptions

Parent & Tot

Fun way to help develop gross motor skills and introduce gymnastics. Ages 1 - 3 years. Parent's help is required.
45 minute class.


Ratio 10 to 1.
Coed class.

Mini Stars

Ages 3 - 4 1/2 . No experience needed.  This class has a strong emphasis on gross motor skills, following directions and an introduction to gymnastics.

45 minute class.

5 to 1 ratio. ​

Coed class.

Tiny Tot

Ages 4 1/2 - 5 1/2. Little to no experience needed. This class adds more gymnastic skills to the curriculum.
45 minute class.


6 to 1 ratio.
Coed class.


Refunds will be given up to the 14th day of each session, minus the number of classes that have already occurred. You must request this refund in writing via email to If you submit your request in writing after the 14th day of the session LaFleur’s will not be able to grant you a refund.


Refunds with Doctor’s Note
Refunds for injury after the 14th day of the session will be given at the discretion of LaFleur’s Gymnastics. These requests must be submitted via email to Usually with a doctor’s note, a refund for the number of missed classes may be given in the form of an account credit.

Why do we have a “No Refund Policy after 14 days?”
Here at LaFleur’s we believe in what we teach. We teach throughout a semester so that we can continue to build on each week’s lesson plan. After the first two weeks, we have covered the “basics and safety” we do not feel it is appropriate to add new participants to the class. As we often have long waitlists for classes and someone else may have taken your spot if they had the opportunity, we are unable to refund the cost of the class when we can no longer fill your spot.


IMPORTANT: Nonrefundable Fees:
Anniversary/Registration fees are always non-refundable.


Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify LaFleur's Gymnastics.